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Calendar (Age 2-8) Our Calendar is Jam Packed with various important activities to improve your child’s life skills. Today’s Date, day, month, year, Days of the week, days of the month, Weather and Seasons. A convenient storage box to keep all the parts safe. Learning about calendar activities plays an important role in your scholars.....read more

Decorate Puzzles (Age 2-8) Puzzles provide the opportunity for children to develop fine motor skills. The Lika Decorate puzzle going from small to large pieces will also improve hand-eye coordination. For a child to colour his/her own puzzle just adds to the fun, improves concentration and coordination for early writing skills. Easy to.....read more

Find the bugs (Age 2-8) Sensory Box The Lika Find the bugs Box is filled with rainbow ricefor fun sensory play. The texture of rice basically helps “wake up” those receptors in the skin so they can interpret sensory input more accurately in preparation for the finemotor skill development. Sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s.....read more

Flower Puzzle (Age 2-8) Working on Puzzles reinforce the connections between our brain cells and form new ones. Puzzles is a great way of improving short term memory. Children use short term memory in the process of completing a puzzle when they remember shapes, sizes, colour and visualize where they fit.....read more

Giant Dominoes (All Ages) Giant Dominoes is a great way to keep little ones entertained for hours. Playing dominoes improves visual scanning, matching and planning. It also improves concentration and hand-eye coordination. Our giant dominoes is a convenient size (140x70mm) to play on the floor or a table top and packed in a wooden storage.....read more

Lacing Card (Age 2-8) Lacing activities help kids develop fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, motor planning and visual perceptual skills. Lacing also helps kids to practice the precursor skills for shoe tying and sewing. Our lacing cards can be used over and over to practice these skills. They are stored in a wooden.....read more

Lacing Shoes (Age 2-6) Lacing activities help kids develop fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, motor planning and visual perceptual skills. Lacing also helps kids to practice the precursor skills for shoe tying and sewing. Our shoe lacing activity is available in Pink and.....read more

Memory Match Game(Age 2-8) Our memory game for toddlers is a great way of improving your child’s brain functions, such as: Attention Concentration Focus Visual recognition The memory Game is available in 2 versions for boys and girls and conveniently packed in a wooden.....read more

Multi Box (Age 2-8) Our Multi box covers a wide variety of activities for the junior phase. Math, Shapes, building sight words, sentences, matching games. Improving concentration, math skills, reading, fine motor skills and a whole lot more... This box contains the Alphabet, numbers, shapes and special symbols all packed away in a wooden.....read more

Shapes Puzzle (Age 2-8) Learning and recognise shapes is an important step on the way to learn to recognize letters. Letters contains lots of different shapes - circles, lines, parts of triangles and curves. The ability to use shapes to describe objects will greatly enhance a child’s ability to.....read more

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