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About Take Action to help anxious children Take Action consists primarily of a comprehensive practitioner guidebook in an easy-to-read standardised layout with specific instructions on how to adjust the program material for younger (4-7 years) children. The guidebook guides the practitioner through the steps covered in each treatment module more

Talk Therapy Toolkit - Theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy Naidu T, Ramlal S 2016 Through the development of increasingly complex human social groups, social and economic changes and challenges, industrialisation, technological advancement, global mobility and electronic communication, a significant gap of care has more

Talking, Feeling, and Doing Game R.A. Gardner, M.D. Here is a non-threatening way to uncover and treat psychological problems in children. This appealing game is especially useful with those who are inhibited or uncooperative in therapy. Players respond to questions on game cards, receiving reward chips for relevant answers. (In this more

Teen Sense M. Mitlin, LICSW This unique game gives adolescents a chance to consider and discuss difficult issues that crop up in their daily lives. By asking them to look at and resolve uncomfortable, embarrassing, or problematic interpersonal situations, it gives them practice working out relationships with their peers and with the adults more

Tennessee Self-Concept Scale – Second Edition (TSCS:2) W.H. Fitts & W.L. Warren The Tennessee Self-Concept Scale, the most popular measure of self-concept in adolescents and adults, can now be used with children, too. Restandardised, streamlined, and updated, the TSCS: 2 offers norms down to age 7, simplified scoring procedures, and more

Test for Reception of Grammar (TROG-2)  D Bishop The TROG-2 is a fully revised and nationally re-standardised version of the widely used TROG. TROG-2 tests understanding of 20 constructs four times each using different test stimuli. Each test stimuli is presented in a four picture multiple-choice format with lexical and grammatical foils. more

Test of Everyday Attention (TEA) I. H. Robertson, I. Nimmo-Smith, T. Ward, V. Ridgeway The TEA has three parallel versions, is ecologically plausible and acceptable to patients. It is sensitive enough also to show normal age effects in the normal population. The test gives a broad-based measure of the most important clinical and more

Test of Everyday Attention for Children T. Manly, I.H. Robertson, V. Anderson & I. Nimmo-Smith. TEA-Ch2 is now available You can still purchase TEA-Ch forms and other components from the price list below   The Test of Everyday Attention for Children (TEA-Ch) builds on the TEA by measuring attentive abilities in children. The more

Test of Everyday Attention for Children, Second Edition (TEA-Ch2) Tom Manly, Vicki Anderson, John Crawford, Melanie George, Mette Underbjerg, Ian H Robertson TEA-Ch2 is the new edition of the gold-standard test for attention, which uniquely measures separable aspects of attention. TEA-Ch2 has been updated to make the testing process more more

Test of Memory and Learning - Second Edition (TOMAL-2) Author(s): Cecil R Reynolds, Erin D Bigler TOMAL-2 provides the most comprehensive coverage of memory assessment currently available in a standardised battery. This assessment permits a direct comparison across a variety of aspects of memory in a single battery. This allows more

Test of Premorbid Functioning - UK Version (TOPF UK) D Wechsler A revised and updated version of the Wechsler Test of Adult Reading, the TOPF enables clinicians to estimate an individual's level of intellectual functioning before the onset of injury or illness. This new assessment tool is:    An effective method for predicting full-scale more

Test of Sensory Functions in Infants (TSFI) G. A. DeGangi & S I. Greenspan.   This test helps you identify infants with sensory integrative dysfunction--including those at risk for developing learning disabilities as they grow older. The TSFI provides objective criteria that allow you to determine whether, and to what extent, an infant more

Test of Word Knowledge (TOWK)  E H Wiig & W Secord This instrument is designed to identify students who lack (or excel in) the semantic skills and repertories that are the foundation of mature language use in thinking, learning, and communication. TOWK subtests address various facets of semantic development and lexical knowledge: more

of the TOWRE–2 The Test of Word Reading Efficiency–Second Edition (TOWRE–2) is a measure of an individual’s ability to pronounce printed words (Sight Word Efficiency) and phonemically regular nonwords (Phonemic Decoding Efficiency) accurately and fluently. Because it can be administered very quickly, the test provides more

The Anger Fallacy Workbook: Practical Exercises for Overcoming Irritation, Frustration and Anger Ross G Menzies and Steven Laurent Using this workbook, either on your own or with a therapist, you can practice the anger management concepts from The Anger Fallacy, and learn to master anger, the most toxic of emotions. Exercise 1: more

The Anger Fallacy: Uncovering the Irrationality of the Angry Mindset Steven Laurent and Ross G Menzies A life without anger is attainable - if you understand The Anger Fallacy. This is a book meant to challenge us. The authors have taken such an engaging and witty approach that the reader is likely to get hooked and will stop to think — more

The Animal Family E Botha These colourful animals with different facial expressions assist with projections either individually or in group situations. Consists of: 40 Cards Ten different animals Each with four different facial expressions. Information more

The Career Development Questionnaire (CDQ) R. Langley The Career Development Questionnaire was developed to provide an instrument evaluating the level of career maturity and readiness of adolescents and young adults to make career decisions. Assessment is made in five areas: Self-information, Decision-making, Career information, Integration more

The Grover-Counter Scale of Cognitive Development V.M. Grover & M. Sebate The Grover-Counter Scale of Cognitive Development was originally developed for the testing of mentally handicapped children and adults in an attempt to assess their level of cognitive functioning thereby assisting in their placement and the diagnosis of their more

The house where the cat lives   The house together with family members and a cat, can be used to play/project family roles. The complete set consists of: - One A3 inside and ouside house. - 1 Magnet family more

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ASRS: Autism Spectrum Rating Scale Complete Handscored Kit with DSM-5 Scoring Update (Ages 2-5 and 6-18)

ASRS: Autism Spectrum Rating Scale Complete Handscored Kit with DSM-5 Scoring Update (Ages 2-5 and 6-18)

The Autism Spectrum Rating Scale (ASRS) is the first nationally standardized, norm-referenced instrument to effectively identify symptoms, behaviours, and associated features of Autism Spectrum Diso

Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Third Edition (Vineland-3)

Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Third Edition (Vineland-3)

  Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Third Edition (Vineland-3) S.S. Sparrow, D.V. Cicchetti  & D. A. Balla The Vineland-3 is the leading measure of personal and social skills needed for everyday


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