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Child and Adolescent Memory Profile™ (ChAMP™)

Child and Adolescent Memory Profile™ (ChAMP™)
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Purpose                                                                              NEW                

Assess visual and verbal memory in children, adolescents, and young adults


Age Range

5 to 21 years




30-40 minutes for full assessment; 10-15 minutes for Screening Index


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Child and Adolescent Memory Profile™ (ChAMP™)

Elisabeth M.S. Sherman, PhD, and Brian L. Brooks, PhD


The ChAMP is a norm-referenced test of memory for use with children, adolescents, and young adults that allows both in-depth memory evaluation and memory screening.


Features and benefits

  • Based on the latest neuroscience research on human memory.
  • Brief and easy to administer yet comprehensive: covers core verbal and visual memory domains with only a few subtests.
  • Uses common, real-life scenarios and colorful, developmentally appropriate stimuli that are engaging and relevant to young examinees.
  • Administration time is only 35 minutes, with no additional delay time required; Screening Index takes about 10 minutes.
  • No motor response required.
  • Focused on learning—each subtest has multiple learning trials.
  • Includes built-in validity indicators.
  • Allows for in-depth analysis and progress monitoring through discrepancy score analysis and reliable change scores; a base rate analysis of low scores and a strengths and weaknesses analysis are also available.
  • Provides intervention recommendations for both home and school.

 Test structure

  •  Includes two verbal memory and two visual memory subtests; these combine to yield an overall score, the Total Memory Index. Additional Index scores reflect performance in visual and verbal memory and immediate and delayed memory.
  • The Screening Index, comprising one verbal and one visual subtest, is useful for brief memory screening.

  Technical information

  • Standardized using a large normative sample of more than 1,200 participants representative of the 2012 U.S. population.
  • Clinical sample includes a large clinical sample of more than 200 children with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, brain injury, and intellectual development disability.
  • Supported by strong evidence of reliability and validity.

   ChAMP Subtests: Based on research, focused on learning


Lists is a verbal memory test consisting of 16 concrete nouns presented as a simple story about going for a drive. The words have similar levels of difficulty and familiarity, so recall does not depend on novelty, salience or context. Three learning trials are included. A delayed and a recognition trial are also administered, the recognition trial uses a multiple choice format designed to help differentiate between retrieval and encoding deficits


Instructions is a paragraph memory test that measures contextual auditory verbal memory, The examiner read a passage (about a parent giving instructions to a child) to which 24 concrete nouns have been embedded. Two leaning trials are included. Like Lists, instructions includes a delayed trial as well as a multi choice recognition trial to help differentiate retrieval from encoding deficits.


Objects measures visual memory for items based on their shape, texture, visual detail and three-dimensional characteristics. Items are specifically designed to be colourful and interesting, but difficult to verbalize or name. Two learning trials are included. A delayed trial is also administered.


Places measures memory for visual scenes, including the recognition of spatial configurations and contextual visual details,. Images consist of familiar scenes such as rooms In a homes and common public places. All items are colourful, realistic, contemporary, and visually interesting. Two leaning trials are included. A delayed retrial is also administered

Note: the ChAMP Screening Index uses the Lists and Objects subtests only.

Product Items

ChAMP Introductory Kit. Includes ChAMP Professional Manual with Fast Guide, 25 Record Forms, Stimulus Book.
Item # WW-10820KT
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ChAMP Professional Manual includes Fast Guide
Item # WW-10824TM
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ChAMP Record Forms (Pack of 25)
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ChAMP Stimulus Book
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