NEPSY - Second Edition (NEPSY-II)

NEPSY - Second Edition (NEPSY-II)
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Assess neurocognitive development in children

Age Range
3 - 16 years

Individual:  45 - 120 minutes


Available to registered psychologists only

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NEPSY - Second Edition (NEPSY-II)

M. Korkman, U. Kirk & S. Kemp

Now NEPSY-II covers Six Domains

The NEPSY–II is the only single measure that allows the clinician to create a tailored assessment across six domains, specific to a child’s situation in order to answer referral questions or diagnostic concerns. The results provide information relating to typical childhood disorders, which can lead to accurate diagnosis and intervention planning for success in school and at home.

The six domains are

  • Social Perception (NEW)
  • Executive Functioning/Attention
  • Language
  • Memory and Learning
  • Sensorimotor Functioning
  • Visuospatial Processing

Extended to Age 16

One of the most important improvements is its age extension - for ages 3 -16 years - to follow treatment and progress form the primary years to secondary school.

No longer do you have to use various subtests and tasks from many tools. With the integrated NEPSY-II you can:
  • Assess executive functioning
  • Vary the number and variety of subtests according to the needs of the child
  • Link results to education difficulties
  • Facilitate recommendations for mental health interventions
  • Obtain a comprehensive view of quantitative and qualitative patterns of neuropsychological performance.

Most common usage is for

  • Core assessment - provides a brief evaluation across all six domains
  • Diagnostic assessment - in-depth assessment based on referral problems/questions or diagnostic concerns
  • Selective assessment - selection of certain subtests based on clinical need
  • Comprehensive assessment - comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation

What’s new about NEPSY-II

  • Age range extended up to 16 years - Record Form formats for different age ranges
  • Software provides decision trees for subtest selection to minimise testing time
  • Recommended diagnostic grouping of subtests for use with clinical populations
  • Shortened administration time due to increased flexibility in allowing for subtest selection and targeted diagnostic grouping or clusters
  • Domain coverage increased from five to six - addition of Social Perception
  • Tower replaced by three new measures of Executive Functioning/Attention: Inhibition, Clocks and Animal Sorting
  • New measures of Visuospatial Processing: Geometric Puzzles and Picture Puzzles
  • New measures of Memory and Learning - particularly in spatial memory: Memory for Designs and Word List Interference
  • NEPSY Administration Planner and Scoring Assistant for pre-/post-administration assistance
  • Case studies to enhance interpretation

Improvements in NEPSY-II

  • Replacement of domain scores with more clinically useful subtest scores
  •  Improved psychometric properties - ceilings and floors, reliability, validity
  • Improved clinical sensitivity
  • Improved construct validity with increased correlation studies with related or commonly used measures
  •  Enhanced process scores within subtests
  • Standardised on a single, well stratified sample
  • Behavioural observation profiles
  • Sensitive to brain dysfunction as related to academic disorders
  • Examine relations to multiple assessments, including the WISC-IV

NEPSY-II Scoring Assistant and Administration Planner

The unique, optional decision making and scoring software can be used before and after test administration.
Based on the specific child and the referral/clinical questions, the software can suggest specific subtests for administration to enhance the clinical utility and minimise testing time. The electronic ‘decision trees’ can take guesswork out of deciding which subtests to administer for a client’s unique situation.

After administration, the software can be used as a typical Scoring Assistant, simplifying and shortening the scoring process and allowing greater evaluation of strengths and weaknesses. 

Product Items

Complete Kit with Scoring Assistant: Pack of 25 Rec Forms (3 - 4 yrs), 25 Rec Forms (5 - 16 yrs), 25 Resp Bookl (3 - 4 yrs), 25 Resp Bookl (5 - 16 yrs), Stimulus Book 1 & 2, Clinical & Interpr & Admin Manual, Training CD,Scoring Assistant, Admin Planner
Item # MPS02-34335
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Complete Kit: Pack of 25 Record Forms (3 - 4 yrs), 25 Record Forms (5 - 16 yrs), 25 Response Booklets (3 - 4 yrs), 25 Response Booklets (5 - 16 yrs), Stimulus Book 1 & 2, Clinical & Interpretive Manual, Administr Manual, Training CD with Wave files
Item # MPS02-34274
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NEPSY Administration Manual
Item # MPS02-34359
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NEPSY Clinical and Interpretive Manual
Item # MPS02-34342
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NEPSY Record Forms (Pack of 25): 3 - 4 years
Item # MPS02-34281
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NEPSY Record Forms (Pack of 25): 5 - 16 years
Item # MPS02-34298
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NEPSY Response Booklets (Pack of 25): 3 - 4 years
Item # MPS02-34304
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NEPSY Response Booklets (Pack of 25): 5 - 16 years
Item # MPS02-34311
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NEPSY Stimulus Book 1
Item # MPS02-34366
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NEPSY Stimulus Book 2
Item # MPS02-34373
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NEPSY Training CD with WAV Files
Item # MPS02-34410
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NEPSY-II Scoring Assistant and Administration Planner
Item # MPS02-34328
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