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Helps evaluate basic personality structure and detect possible psychopathology

Age Range

Individuals 5 years and older

Qualification Level

Available to registered psychologists only

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H. Rorschach

Developed more than 50 years ago, the Rorschach test is one of the most widely-used and respected projective psychological test available. Test scores are based on the testee’s responses to the unique inkblot designs on psychodiagnostic plates.

Because reading is not required for administration, this test can overcome language or other barriers associated with reading and comprehension. The test measures personality structure and dynamics, including cognitive, affective/emotional, ego functioning, defenses, conflicts and coping mechanisms.

Mostly used in clinical settings to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning for individuals with a wide variety of psychological problems and psychiatric disorders.

Scoring Options

Hand scorable


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Rorschach Cards
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Rorschach 100 Record Blanks
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Rorschach Location Charts
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