Quick Neurological Screening Test 3rd Edition (QNST-3)

Quick Neurological Screening Test 3rd Edition (QNST-3)
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Identify possible neurological interference in learning. Quickly documents the
presence of neurological soft signs and associated interference in learning and

daily functioning

Age Range

5 through 90+ years

Individually administered motor tasks

20 to 30 minutes

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Quick Neurological Screening Test 3rd Edition (QNST-3)

Margaret Mutti, M.A., Nancy A. Martin, Ph.D., Harold M. Sterling, M.D., and Norma V. Spalding, Ed.D.

Rapid and reliable, the third edition of this popular screener identifies neurological soft signs and associated motor impairments, learning difficulties, and problems in daily functioning. The QNST-3 can now be used with adults as well as children and teens-norms are provided for ages 5 through 90+ years. In addition, the Manual offers new research on neurological injuries resulting from sports-related concussion, combat, stroke, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's disease.

The QNST-3 asks examinees to perform a series of motor tasks adapted from traditional neurological and neuropsychological exams. These tasks sample motor development, muscle control, motor planning and sequencing, sense of rate and rhythm, spatial organization, visual and auditory-perceptual skills, disorders of attention, and more. All tasks are nonthreatening, and none requires equipment other than a pencil. Because the test manual is now spiral-bound, it lies flat during administration, eliminating the need for cue cards, which were used in earlier editions of the QNST. For even more convenience, the Record Form now includes Geometric Forms, previously a separate component.

Scores are easily recorded as the test is administered- a handy protocol sheet summarizes subtest scores and classifications as well as the overall score and functional category determination.

The QNST-3 is an excellent way to screen children and adults for the neurological soft signs that often indicate difficulties in learning, motor coordination, and daily functioning.

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QNST Kit: 25 Recording Forms; 25 Remedial Guideline Forms; Manual
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QNST Manual
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QNST Recording Forms (Pack of 25)
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QNST Remedial Guideline Form (Pack of 25)
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