Neale Analysis of Reading Ability

Neale Analysis of Reading Ability
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Measures the accuracy, comprehension and rate of reading in children from the age of six

Age Range
6 years and older

Approximately 20 minutes

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Neale Analysis of Reading Ability

M D Neale

A test of oral reading, based on a series of short narratives, providing summative measures and detailed diagnostic information.

The Neale Analysis of Reading Ability (NARA) measures the accuracy, comprehension and rate of reading in pupils from the age of 6 to 12 years. It provides a comprehensive gauge of a pupil’s interest in reading.

The individually administered assessment consists of parallel forms for testing and extension passages for use with more able or older pupils. Two alternate standardised tests enable the monitoring of a pupil’s performance without them becoming too familiar with the passages, in addition to one diagnostic test.

Why use NARA?

  • Results obtained from using NARA will enable you to select reading materials suited to the ability of individual pupils
  • Along with important diagnostic information NARA provides Standard Age Scores and reading ages
  • It will enable you to monitor the adoption of specific reading skills and help with the planning of intervention strategies.


Complete set contains:
Manual, Reader, Record Forms Level 1 and 2 (10 copies of each), Diagnostic Tutor Forms (10 copies) and audio CD.


Product Items

NARA Complete Set
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NARA Manual
Item # MPS06-07814
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NARA Reader
Item # MPS06-07753
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NARA Diagnostic Tutor Form
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NARA Record From 2 (Pack of 10)
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Working Styles Assessment™ (WSA™)


The WSA assesses a person’s work-related personality traits—the traits that are related to effective job performance.

Measures 18 constructs.These constructs are grouped in five general categories:

  • Drive,
  • Interpersonal skill,
  • Adjustment,
  • Responsibility, and
  • Problem-solving Skill.




Guiding Adolescents: Study Skills for High School Learners


   Workshop: 25 & 26 September

  • Intended for: Psychologists, Psychometrists, Registered Counsellors, Teachers, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists
  • Completing the workshop entitles you to purchase Study Toolbox workbooks and DVD sets.
  • Includes topics such as    
      • Time Management 
      • How the brain learns
      • Learning Preferences & Learning Environment
      • Understanding new work in 6 steps (SQR STR)

                 study tools





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