The Stress Profile

The Stress Profile
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Measure an individual's vulnerability and resistance to stress

Age Range

20 - 68 years


20 - 30 minutes

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The Stress Profile

The Stress Profile quickly identifies individual characteristics and behaviours that protect against or contribute to stress-related illness. In just 20 minutes, the Stress Profile measures all personal traits and lifestyle habits that have been shown to moderate the stress-illness relationship. It is ideal for both clinical and organizational use – for behavioural health or executive coaching programs.

This convenient self-report inventory provides scores in 15 areas related to stress and health risk:

• Stress

• Cognitive Hardiness
• Health Habits
• Coping Style
• Exercise
• Positive Appraisal
• Rest/Sleep
• Negative Appraisal
• Eating/Nutrition
• Threat Minimization
• Prevention
• Problem Focus
• Social Support
• Psychological Well-Being
• Type A Behaviour

Measures of response bias and inconsistent responding are also included.

The Stress Profile is particularly useful to clinicians who must evaluate people with physical and psychosomatic complaints. It also makes an excellent health risk appraisal tool within organizational settings (as part of wellness, stress management, and health promotion programs). Because it is quick and easy to administer, the Stress Profile is ideal for routine use in organizations, outpatient clinics, hospitals, and medical practices.


Norms are based on an ethnically diverse sample of 1 111 men and women, ages 20 to 68, from various working environments. 

Product Items

Kit: 25 AutoScore Forms; Manual; 1 Re-usable Administration Booklet
Item # MPS03-W361
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Item # MPS03-W361B
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Administration Booklet, Re-usable (Pack of 5)
Item # MPS03-W361D
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Administration Booklet, Disposable (Pack of 25)
Item # MPS03-W361C
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Stress Profile CD. PC with Windows 98, ME, XP, or 2000. Each CD good for 25 uses.
Item # MPS03-W361U
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AutoScore Form (Pack of 25). These forms do not include test items. It must be used with the Administration Booklet
Item # MPS03-W361A
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