Is Death Forever, Mommy?

Is Death Forever, Mommy?
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Bereavement Therapy

Age Range

6-13 years

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Is Death forever, Mommy?/ Is Dood vir altyd, Mamma?
Ilze Neethling

This interactive booklet for children originated from a need for available resources for supporting the therapeutic process and has already been successfully used with numerous children. Since the content is presented in a very down-to-earth manner and provides basic guidelines in respect of grieving symptoms and the things that adults may do to help the child through his grieving process, the booklet can be used by professionals as well as lay counsellors and parents to facilitate the child’s process of mourning.

The workbook offers guidance and support to the child and assists him to work creatively through the emotional experiences that typify the period of mourning – more so if no other psychological intervention is involved. The questions and drawings are intended to help the child recognise and deal with his feelings. They also help to prepare him for the emotional ups and downs that lie ahead while in mourning.

The booklets are available in English or Afrikaans.

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Is Dood vir Altyd, Mamma?
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Is Death Forever, Mommy?
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