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Curing the Dread of Death: Theory, Research and Practice

Curing the Dread of Death: Theory, Research and Practice
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Curing the Dread of Death: Theory, Research and Practice

Edited by Rachel E. Menzies, Ross G. Menzies, Lisa Iverach

This unique book explores the dread of death and its management from a wide range of perspectives with researchers and writers from a variety of cultures, academic traditions and disciplines across the globe. The fields covered are broad - including palliative care and grief, psychodynamic theory, social, developmental and clinical psychology, sociology and anthropology, counselling practice as well as history, art, and philosophy.

Not only is this book a fascinating journey into the very core of the human psyche, it is also a guide to our psychological health. The challenge we all face is to discover pathways to an acceptance of death that enables a life of significance and meaning.

Read, learn, and explore what an examination of the dread of death can bring to one's life.

 Curing the Dread of Death: Theory, Research and Practice


  • Section 1: Theoretical Issues
  • 1 Impermanence and the human dilemma: Observations across the ages
  • Rachel E. Menzies
  • 2 Fear of death: Nature, development and moderating factors
  • Ross G. Menzies and Rachel E. Menzies
  • 3 Beyond the dread of death: Existentialism's embrace of the meaninglessness of life
  • Gerard Kuperus
  • 4 Love, death, and the quest for meaning
  • Mario Mikulincer
  • 5 The death instinct and psychodynamic accounts of the wound of mortality
  • Ross G. Menzies and Rachel E. Menzies
  • 6 An intelligent design theory of the origins, evolution and function of religion: Toward an integration of existential and evolutionary perspectives
  • Tom Pyszczynski and Sharlynn Thompson
  • 7 Death anxiety and psychopathology
  • Lisa Iverach
  • Section 2: Treatment approaches
  • 8 Death in existential psychotherapies: A critical review
  • Joel Vos
  • 9 Cognitive and behavioural procedures for the treatment of death anxiety
  • Rachel E. Menzies
  • 10 Death acceptance and the meaning-centred approach to end-of-life care
  • Paul T. P. Wong, David F. Carreno, and Beatriz Gongora Oliver
  • 11 Continuing bonds between the living and the dead in contemporary western societies: Implications for our understandings of death and the experience of death anxiety pp. x-x
  • Edith Steffen and Elaine Kasket
  • 12 Treating low self-esteem: Cognitive behavioural therapies and terror management theory
  • Peter J. Helm, Jennifer E. Duchschere and Jeff Greenberg
  • 13 Therapeutic interventions for the dread of death: Personal and clinical reflections
  • Thomas Heidenreich und Alexander Noyon

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