Understanding Crime Prevention: The Case Study Approach

Understanding Crime Prevention: The Case Study Approach
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Understanding Crime Prevention: The Case Study Approach

Edited by Tim Prenzler

Crime prevention benefits everyone, including would-be criminals saved from the negative consequences of offending. Yet much of today's policy on preventing crime is driven by political ideology and anecdotal evidence, with insufficient planning and evaluation. Improving the practice of crime prevention is vital to ensure communities are safe and productive for all who live in them. However, crime is complex, the causes of crime are complex and, consequently, diverse methods are required to make the very large reductions in offending urgently needed around the world.

Featuring an impressive list of contributors, Understanding Crime Prevention covers a wide spectrum of topics and approaches, designed to address crime problems from multiple angles.

These include:

standards in crime prevention

policing, deterrence and incapacitation

offender management and rehabilitation

developmental interventions

community-based prevention

situational crime prevention

crime prevention through environmental design

security management

physical security and people management, and

the security industry.

Understanding Crime Prevention: The Case Study Approach

Edited by Tim Prenzler

This book contributes to improved practice in crime prevention, primarily through the lessons from successful projects. It provides an overview of current research in the field, and an exposition of some of the best case-studies from the past - including in the areas of property crime, fraud, violence and disorder - which demonstrate large-scale successes in prevention.
The book is a must-read for security practitioners, crime prevention and community safety officers, police, research and policy officers, politicians, and students and academics in the field.

  • About the Authors
  • Preface
  • 1. Crime Prevention: Setting Standards
Lyndel Bates, David Belsham, and Toby Miles-Johnson
  • 2. Policing, Deterrence and Incapacitation
Jacqueline M. Drew
  • 3. Offender Management and Rehabilitation
Mary Baker and Nadine McKillop
  • 4. Developmental Interventions
Gabriel T.W. Wong and Matthew Manning
  • 5. Community-based Prevention
Philip Birch and Tim Prenzler
  • 6. The Evolution of Situational Crime Prevention
Tim Prenzler and Eric Wilson
  • 7. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design: Evolution, Theory and Practic
Mateja Mihinjac and Danielle Reynald
  • 8. Reducing Property Crime and Fraud: Twelve Case Studies
Tim Prenzler
  • 9. Reducing Violence and Disorder: Seven Case Studies
Tim Prenzler and Mateja Mihinjac
  • 10. Principles of Security Management
Rick Draper, Jessica Ritchie, and Tim Prenzler
  • 11. Best Practice in Physical Security and People Management
Rick Draper, Jessica Ritchie, Eric Wilson, and Tim Prenzler
  • 12. The Security Industry and Crime Prevention
Tim Prenzler and Rick Sarre

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