Building Resilience at Work

Building Resilience at Work
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Building Resilience at Work

Our resilience or capacity to bounce back and even thrive in pressured times is critical in workplaces today With higher workloads declining resources and frequent change together with the hectic pace of personal lives resilience is almost a key...
  • Chapter 1 - Exploring resilience: Understanding the journey
  • Chapter 2 - Reframing problems: Developing the right mindset
  • Chapter 3 - Embracing life: More on mental toughness
  • Chapter 4 - Investing in self-care: Getting the body right
  • Chapter 5 - Rejuvenating the body: More on physical endurance
  • Chapter 6 - Channelling emotional energy: Achieving emotional balance
  • Chapter 7- Creating positivity: More on emotional resilience
  • Chapter 8 - Achieving purpose and meaning: Getting the soul right
  • Chapter 9 - Living in balance: More on getting the soul right
  • Chapter 10 - Sustaining resilience: Continuing on the journey
  • Endnotes

Building Resilience at Work

Kathryn McEwen

Private Practice

Our resilience, or capacity to bounce back and even thrive in pressured times, is critical in workplaces today. With higher workloads, declining resources and frequent change, together with the hectic pace of personal lives, resilience is almost a key to survival.
While strategies to build resilience have long been of interest in the arenas of parenting, education and disaster recovery, less focus has been placed on how these ideas can be translated into building resilient workplaces.
Resilient people are more optimistic, adaptable and independent. They are also better at solving problems and have sound levels of self-control. Resilient teams have similar characteristics, and find it easier to rebound from setbacks and adapt to change and pressure. All of these characteristics can be developed.
Based on sound psychological theory, Building Resilience at Work is a practical and easy-to-read book providing a proven path to self-help in developing personal resilience.

Kathryn’s book, Building Resilience at Work, is like taking an everyday dose of work–life balance from an experienced and talented coach. It is a compilation of many of the techniques that have come from Kathryn’s expertise and years of experience in dealing with people in the workplace and the pressures they face. As a leader, or in any career, one of the greatest challenges that we will be faced with is dealing with other people. Kathryn’s book is a fantastic toolkit to support leaders as well as individuals, with practical examples of how to handle everyday situations step by step. — Darlene Mattiske-Wood, General Manager, Organisational Development, People’s Choice Credit Union 

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