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Working Styles Assessment™ (WSA™)

Working Styles Assessment™ (WSA™)
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Assess workplace personality traits in adults

Age Range                         

17 to 70 years


Self-report; Individual or group

25 minutes to administer; 10 minutes to score

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Working Styles Assessment™ (WSA™)

Melissa A. Messer, MHS and Heather Ureksoy, PhD

The WSA assesses a person’s work-related personality traits—the traits that are related to effective job performance.

Features and benefits

  • The only workplace personality assessment that uses the current Occupational Information Network (O*NET) terminology—The personality traits measured by the WSA can be compared to the traits associated with hundreds of current occupations listed in the O*NET database.
  • Measures 18 constructs, including all 16 working styles defined by the O*NET. These constructs are grouped in five general categories: Drive, Interpersonal skill, Adjustment, Responsibility, and Problem-solving skill.


Achievement Set challenging goals and work hard towards their completion; goes beyond expectations; excels in multi-tasking.
Initiative Identifies opportunities to learn and advance; displays willingness to engage in new activities, responsibilities and challl   and an    responsibilities and challenges.
Persistence Sees tasks through to completion, despite frustrations and problems that may occur ; rarely leaves tasks incomplete.
Confidence Possesses self-assurance; clearly articulates ideas and opinions; acts decisively and without undue hesitation.
  Interpersonal Skill
Leadership Succeeds at leading groups and managing others; takes charge and leads the effort of others.
Cooperation Acts as a team player, enjoys helping others succeed; resolves conflict between co-workers.
Concern for others Shows care and empathy; is sensitive to the feeling of others.
Social orientation Is friendly and outgoing; enjoys working in a group.
Self- Control Show patience and controls emotions; performs well in spite of a negative mood.
Stress Tolerance Remains calm in stressful situations; accepts criticism with poise.
Adaptability Enjoys engaging in a variety of different tasks; is comfortable with changes in the work environment.
Dependability Is punctual and responsible, fulfils commitments.
Attention to detail
Is detail orientated; precise, and organised; checks work for errors.
Integrity Follows the rules; is truthful and ethical.
Conscientiousness Possesses self-discipline; is deliberate, organised, and thoughtful.
Problem solving skill   
Independence Remains self-reliant; makes decisions and completes tasks without supervision.
Innovation Is creative and original; produces alternatives and new ways of doing things.
Analytical Thinking Approaches problems in a methodical manner; solves problems logically by analysing relevant information.


Table 1: Working Style Assessment Global Constructs and Scales


Applications and settings

  • Helps individuals gain a better understanding of their personal work preferences and how they approach a variety of situations in the workplace, allowing them to identify potentially satisfying occupations and providing the foundation for work with a career counsellor.
  • Aids hiring managers in identifying the working styles they value in employees and selecting applicants based on the degree to which they possess those working styles.
  • Guides developmental discussions between a manager and an employee who may be struggling in a certain area of his or her job by highlighting the employee’s strengths and weaknesses.

Test structure

  • The Assessment Booklet includes 14 agree-or-disagree statements for each of the 18 constructs measured.
  • The User’s Workbook helps examinees organize their results, generate a list of their own top ten working styles, and match those styles to potential occupations. A “Next Steps” section and a resource section provide further help with the career exploration process.
  • For the counselor or HR professional, the Score Summary Sheet provides a fast way to score and organize the working styles of a client  or job seeker.
  • A Fast Guide is included with your purchase of the Professional Manual.

Technical information

  • Standardization sample consisted of 739 individuals ages 17-70 years; the sample was closely matched to the U.S. population according to gender, race/ethnicity, and education level.
  • Internal consistency coefficients were generally high, ranging from .61 to .92 across all age groups; test-retest reliability ranged from .71 to .88. High inter-scorer agreement was found.
  • Face validity was strong, and intercorrelations were strong between constructs within each category (i.e., drive, interpersonal skill, adjustment, responsibility, and problem-solving skill).

Product Items

WSA Introductory Kit: WSA Professional Manual and Fast Guide, 25 Assessment Booklets, 25 User’s Workbooks, and 25 Score Summary Sheets
Item # MPS04-10608KT
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WSA Professional Manual includes Fast Guide
Item # MPS04- 10611TM
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WSA Assessment Booklets (Pack of 25)
Item # MPS04-10612AB
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WSA Score Summary Sheets (Pad of 25)
Item # MPS04-10642SF
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