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To assess maths skills of students aged 6 years to 16 years 11 months, and assist in intervention planning


Age Range

6 to 16 years 11 months



Individual - 30 to 90 minutes


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KeyMaths3UK gives you the tools to assess maths skills of students aged 6 years to 16 years 11 months and assist in intervention planning


  • KeyMaths3UK is a comprehensive, norm-referenced measure of essential mathematical concepts and skills.
  • KeyMaths3UK is untimed and individually administered.

Areas and subtests

KeyMaths3UK content presents the full spectrum of maths concepts and skills in three areas:

  • Basic concepts (conceptual knowledge),
  • Operations (computational skills) and
  • Applications (problem solving).

Each area is further divided into subtests (see Table 1 below)


Table 1: KeyMaths3UK Areas, Subtests, and Item Counts


               Areas and Subtest  
No. of items 
Basic Concepts
Data Analysis and Probability
Mental Computation and Estimation      
Written Computation: Addition and Subtraction  35
Written Computation: Multiplication and Division   31
Foundations of Problem Solving       
Applied Problem Solving  


The five basic concepts subtests represent a carefully selected set of concepts and skills at each level that form the foundation for mathematics learning and connections across subtests.


KeyMaths3UK also includes two separate written computation subtests (Addition and Subtraction; Multiplication and Division). Operations skills are fundamental for success in mathematics and are often the source of maths learning difficulties.


Applications subtests

The two applications subtests assess a student’s ability to apply conceptual knowledge and operational skills to solve maths problems.


The Foundations of Problem Solving subtest includes items that require students to identify missing elements in a problem, operations needed to solve a problem, and optimal strategies for solving the problem.


The Applied Problem Solving subtest presents maths problems in real-world contexts and includes items that require standard and nonstandard problem-solving strategies.

In-depth subtest topic descriptions and behavioural objectives are included.



Several types of norm-referenced scores are provided, including scaled and standard scores and percentiles.



KeyMaths3UK provides extensive, in-depth coverage across a broad range of mathematical concepts and skills. It has four main uses:


  • Measures maths proficiency by providing comprehensive coverage of the concepts and skills that are taught in regular maths instruction
  • Measures student progress by providing highly reliable scores
  • Supports instructional development by providing accurate information regarding the specific concepts and skills within the examinee’s functional range
  • Supports educational placement by providing a variety of normative scores, which can be used to identify with accuracy the level at which the examinee is functioning.



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Keymaths Complete Kit: Manual, Easels 1+2, Record Form and Written Computation Booklet, Shoulder bag
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