Let's Talk Colouring Books

Let\'s Talk Colouring Books
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Encourage expression without leading the child. Useful with difficult subjects such as child abuse

Age Range

4 - 9 years

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Let’s Talk Colouring Books

J. Mundy, Ph.D.

This series of four colouring books makes it easier to interview and treat troubled children. Especially helpful in dealing with difficult subjects such as child sexual abuse, these appealing colourings encourage expression – without leading the child. They address four different aspects of the child’s life: School, Friends, Family, and Self. The drawings in each book are designed to pull for central childhood themes. As the child colours a picture, he or she can be asked to make up a story about it or comment on it.

An accompanying Manual provides four sets of questions – one for each colouring book – which the therapist can use to encourage communication and establish rapport. The Manual also includes basic interpretive guidelines.

Kit includes 2 of each of the four Coloring Books described above; 1 Manual; 1 Box of Crayons (24 different colors).

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