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Wechsler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence - Fourth UK Edition (WPPSI-IV UK)

Wechsler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence - Fourth UK Edition (WPPSI-IV UK)
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An innovative, reliable and valid measure of cognitive development for young children

Age Range

2 years 6 months to 7 years 7 months

Core Subtests:
Ages 2 years 6 months to 3 years 11 months: 30–45 Minutes                                   

Ages 4 years to 7 years 7 months: 45–60 Minutes

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Wechsler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence - Fourth UK Edition (WPPSI-IV UK)



The WPPSI–IV UK is an innovative measure of cognitive development for preschool and young children that is rooted in contemporary theory and research. This new edition places a strong emphasis on child-friendly, developmentally appropriate features, with extensive enhancements that are targeted to benefit both children and examiners.

Key Features

  • New working memory subtests
  • New processing speed measures
  • Expanded factor structure
  • Improved developmental appropriateness
  • More efficient test administration
  • Improved clinical utility
  • Updated and improved psychometric properties

Content & Administration

Based on the most current literature in the field and feedback from experts and clinicians, the WPPSI–IVUK includes extensive content changes including new processing speed measures, the addition of working memory subtests and an expanded factor structure that includes new and separate visual spatial and fluid reasoning composites for ages 4 years to 7 years 7 months.

New Working Memory Subtests

Picture Memory and Zoo Locations, the two new working memory subtests provide age appropriate, engaging tasks for children as young as 2 years 6 months. These reliable and child-friendly measures were specifically designed to help detect emerging working memory difficulties for early intervention.

Expanded and Updated Factor Structure

For both age bands the test structure includes three levels of interpretation: Full scale, Primary Index scale and Ancillary Index scale levels.

The Primary Index scales include:

  • Verbal Comprehension Index (VCI)
  • Visual Spatial Index (VSI)
  • Working Memory Index (WMI)
  • Fluid Reasoning Index (FRI)
  • Processing Speed Index (PSI)
  • The Ancillary Index scales include:
  • Vocabulary Acquisition Index (VAI)
  • Nonverbal Index (NVI)
  • General Ability Index (CAI)
  • Cognitive Proficiency Index (CPI)

 The Test Framework for each Age Band


Ages 2:6 – 3:11

Full Scale
Verbal Comprehension Visual Spatial Working Memory
Receptive Vocabulary Block Design Picture Memory
Information Picture Naming Zoo Locations
Picture Naming
Primary Index Scales
Verbal Comprehension Visual Spatial Working Memory
 Receptive Vocabulary  Block Design  Picture Memory
 Information  Object Assembly  Zoo Locations
Ancillery Index Scales
Vocabulary Acquisition Non Verbal General Ability
Receptive Vocabulary Block Design Receptive Vocabulary
Picture Naming Object Assembly Information
Picture Memory Picture Naming
Zoo Locations Picture Memory
Zoo Locations


Ages 4:0 - 7:7

Full Scale
Verbal Comprehension Visual Spatial Fluid Reasoning Working Memory Processing Speed
Information Block Design  Matrix Reasoning  Picture Memory  Bug Search
Simlilarities Object Assembly  Picture Concepts  Zoo Locations  Cancellation
Vocabulary  Animal Coding
     Primary Index Scales
 Verbal Comprehension  Visual Spatial  Fluid Reasoning  Working Memory  Processing Speed
 Information  Block Design  Matrix Reasoning  Picture Memory  Bug Search
 Similarities  Object Assembly  Picture Concepts  Zoo Locations  Cancellation
    Ancillery Index Scales
 Vocabulary Acquisition  Non Verbal  General Ability  Cognitive Proficiency
 Receptive Vocabulary  Block Design  Information  Picture Memory
 Picture Naming  Object Assembly  Similarities  Zoo Locations
 Matrix Reasoning  Vocabulary  Bug Search
 Picture Concepts  Comprehension  Cancellation
 Picture Memory  Block Design  Animal Coding
 Zoo Locations  Object Assembly
 Bug Search  Matrix Reasoning
 Cancellation  Picture Concepts
 Animal Coding


Features & Benefits

Improved Developmental Appropriateness

With consideration of the unique challenges of assessing young children, the WPPSI–IVUK was redesigned; ensuring all aspects of the WPPSI–IVUK are developmentally appropriate.

New Processing Speed Subtests

The three new game-like subtests offer engaging art and use an ink dabber to indicate responses, which minimises fine motor demands. Each subtest is built with careful consideration to the cognitive, motor, and language development of young children.

  • Bug Search and Animal Coding are adaptations of WPPSI–IIIUK Symbol Search and Coding
  • Cancellation is a more developmentally appropriate adaptation of the WISC–IVUK version

Simplified Instructions
  • Simplified and shortened directions for children
  • Demonstration, sample and teaching items used whenever possible to ensure clarity of task demands

More Efficient Test Administration

Numerous updates make administration as efficient and user-friendly as possible.

  • Testing time is maintained or reduced while construct coverage is increased.
  • Clear and concise examiner instructions, including shortened discontinue criteria and simplified substitution, invalidation, and proration rules.
  • Stimulus book contents distributed to maximise portability
  • New and durable storage solutions for manipulatives, including puzzles.
  • New look case

Improved Clinical Utility

The following updates increase the practical usefulness of the WPPSI–IVUK.

  • Age range extended upward to 7 years 7 months
  • Scoring approach expanded to include strengths and weaknesses analysis at the index level
  • Reduced expressive language requirements
  • Updated and new special group studies
  • Updated validity studies with other measures including WPPSI–III, WISC®–IV, Bayley–III, selected NEPSY®–II subtests, and select BASC™–2 scales

Updated and Improved Psychometric Properties

  • Updated UK normative sample standardised
  • Improved subtest floors and ceilings
  • Comparable or improved reliability for subtest and composite scores

Users & Applications

Clinical Psychologists, Educational Psychologists, and Neuropsychologists working in schools, clinics, hospitals, universities and forensics use the WPPSI–IV UK to help:

  • Identify and qualify students with cognitive delays for special services
  • Evaluate children for cognitive delays, learning difficulties, autism and giftedness
  • Determine the impact of traumatic brain injury on cognitive functions in children

Product Items

WPPSI-IV UK Complete Kit: Response Bookl 1, 2& 3 (25), Record Frms Age 2-3 (25), 4-7 (25), Sc Key Animal Coding & Bug Search,Stim Book 1,2 & 3, Zoo Loc & Layout set, Block Design, Cancellation Sc Templ, Object Assemb, Admin & Tech Manual, Ink Dabber
Item # MPS02-66823
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WPPSI-IV Admin Manual
Item # MPS02-63990
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WPPSI-IV Technical and Interpretive Manual
Item # MPS02-84940
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WPPSI-IV Stimulus Book 1
Item # MPS02-66762
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WPPSI-IV Stimulus Book 2
Item # MPS02-66779
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WPPSI-IV Stimulus Book 3
Item # MPS02-66786
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WPPSI-IV Record Forms (Ages 4-7) Pack of 25
Item # MPS02-66717
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WPPSI-IV Score Reports Pack of 25
Item # MPS02-66724
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