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Adolescent Self-Perception Inventory (ASPI)

Adolescent Self-Perception Inventory (ASPI)
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A Self Report measure that assesses specific executive functions, learning skills, psychological resources and personal strengths necessary for academic achievement and personal well-being.


Age Range

12- 22 years



Individual or group


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Adolescent Self-Perception Inventory (ASPI)

The ASPI is based upon the idea that success, defined as achievement and personal well-being, is within the grasp of any adolescent once specific executive functions, learning skills, psychological resources and personal strengths can be identified and supported. Delineating and assessing the specific skills and abilities that adolescents need to be successful , identifying any obstacles in their way and knowing what strengths they have to work with can be more helpful than determining whether the adolescent meets particular criteria of a mental health, attention or learning disorder.

The ASPI is a self-report measure for adolescents ages 12-22. It was developed to encourage honest introspection and self-report of specific executive functions, learning skills, psychological resources and personal strengths needed for academic achievement and personal well-being. The assuption is that a multiplicity of neurodevelopmental, social, learning, personal and community factors are needed for success. 

The ASPI was refined over a 5 year period with the participation of over 1,000 students and 150 psychologists, counsellors, principals and advisors in the US.

Uses of the ASPI

  • The ASPi can be part of a formal psychoeducational assessment
  • The ASPI can be a complement to behaviour rating scales that provide diagnostic information
  • The ASPI can be used by school/student counsellors or as part of advisory programmes
  • The ASPI can be used as a screening tool for classes or grades of students for early indentification of emerging problems or common concerns
  • The ASPi can be used as a tool for therapeutic relationship building
  • The ASPI can be used as a research or programme evaluation tool

The ASPI may be administered individually or in groups.

ASPI Material

The ASPI materials include

  • Response Booklet (105 items)

           Specific executive functions, learning skills and psychological resources are addressed using a unique response                   choice format. Each item is rated in terms of

             frequency: (not at all, not very often, pretty often, almost always) and

             severity (not a problem, minor problem, moderate problem, major problem)

  • Strengths Form (32 Items)

           Being symptom or diagnosis free is not sufficient for adolescents to succeed or thrive. The Strengths Form offers                  a sense of perceived personal strengths or positive attributes.

  • Guidelines for Use (Manual)

Product Items

ASPI-Kit includes Guidelines for Use, 25 Response Booklets, 25 Strengths Forms
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ASPI Response Booklets with Strength Forms
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