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Dyslexia Guidance

Dyslexia Guidance
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Offers advice on supporting dyslexic students both in the classroom and through intervention from specialist practitioners

Age Range:

5-16+ Years


Timings: Untimed

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Dyslexia Guidance


Dyslexia Guidance takes the reader through each stage of a student's school career, starting with commonly occurring precursors for dyslexia, such as a dislike of school, difficulty with letters and numbers, through to study skills tuition and access arrangements for students tackling public examinations.

Recognising that much of the remediation and support will be integrated into the classroom or come from the school's specialist teacher, the book features a range of practical advice and activities based on real classroom experience.


  • Explains the 'life cycle' of a student with dyslexia, enabling teachers to understand the nature of the condition and how best to support students from early years to college
  • Features guidance on the general principles of teaching students with dyslexia, with age appropriate interventions
  • A collaboration from a leading psychologist specialising in dyslexia in children and young people and a specialist dyslexia teacher

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Dyslexia Guidance Book
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Dyslexia Screener Annual Licence/Dyslexia Guidance Book
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