AD/HD Success! Solutions for Boosting Self-Esteem: The Diary Method for Ages 7-17

AD/HD Success! Solutions for Boosting Self-Esteem: The Diary Method for Ages 7-17
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The book is a parent handbook used with  children and adolescents, and a source for teachers, caregivers,  and psychologists. 

Age range

7-17 years

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AD/HD Success! Solutions for Boosting Self-Esteem: The Diary Method for Ages 7-17

Kerin Bellak-Adams

In AD/HD SUCCESS! Solutions for Boosting Self-Esteem, AD/HD expert Kerin Bellak-Adams (daugter of Leopold Bellak) presents a unique and practical method for working with children and adolescents who need to overcome some of the challenges that are frequently encountered in those with an AD/HD diagnosis. Based on her extensive experience working with families, Bellak-Adams's proven techniques boost self-esteem while helping children achieve their full potential.

Developed for ages 7 to 17, this hands-on workbook provides motivational tools that help kids experience a dramatic shift in positive attitude toward themselves, aiding them in developing new behaviors that will allow them to flourish in and out of school. Supporting exercises and worksheets help students learn time-management skills, improve communication with parents and teachers, develop accountability, increase self-discipline, and become aware of untapped strengths--putting them on the path to lifelong success!

“AD/HD Success!” begins with a Home/School Daily Accountability Sheet to be filled out, by the teacher, for the parent about their child’s progress in the classroom. This gives the parent an idea of what behaviors  need to be addressed while at home. This also assists the parents and the teachers with being consistent in dealing the child’s behaviors. This includes using positive reinforcement.

Section Two contains the diary pages for the child to complete. It is broken up into age-appropriate sections, so that the child can focus on goals that are realistic for their level of development. It encourages them to be self aware of their feelings and behaviors. Using this format also allows the child to focus on positive aspects of him or herself.

Section Three is for the parents. It contains a parental self-evaluation tool which is meant to be copied so that parents can re-use it to check on their own progress of their parenting skills. As I read through this, it occurred to me that it would also be useful for children of divorced parents, because the parents could use this tool to communicate to each other about their child. In doing so, this would enable them to be more consistent with the goals for their child. The fourth section tells about special children who have had success using this program.

 “AD/HD Success!” allows greater communication between the parent and the child. Using this method would provide great relief to both of them because it allows them to have some structure in dealing with this disorder. It also promotes teamwork between the parent, child, teacher, and school counselor.

This workbook can also be used by school psychologists or those in clinical practice. It is an excellent source for the development of communication skills, self regulation and awareness of feelings, encouraging the focus on hope and encouragement.

The book can also be used as a source for graduate programs: a useful guide to teaching students on how to recognize symptoms AD/HD in their future patients, and approaches to use, and can also be used as a pilot study for students or for a thesis. .


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