Conduct Management Game

Conduct Management Game
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Helps reduce conduct problems and oppositional behaviour in children and adolescents

Age Range

8 years and up

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Conduct Management Game

B. Berg, Ph.D.

This game helps reduce conduct problems and oppositional behaviour in children and adolescents. As they move around the game board, players learn how to evaluate hostile intent, how to reinforce appropriate behaviour, how to use self-statements and problem-solving skills to control inappropriate behaviour, and how to understand the point of view of those in authority. Game cards address common opposition behaviours and conduct problems.

Please Note: Several game cards address sensitive subjects such as rape, physical abuse, and animal abuse. We recommend that you review all of the cards prior to using the game and remove any that you feel are inappropriate for your particular group.

A Conduct Checklist for Children and Social Conduct Inventory (included) help you select the cards that focus on problems relevant to a particular child.

Conduct Management Workbook

This workbook is full of engaging exercises that help children and adolescents learn to manage their behaviour. These “homework” assignments help you structure therapy sessions – and they encourage parental involvement as well.

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The Conduct Management Game
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The Conduct Management Workbook
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