Academic Aptitude Test (AAT) (Grade 12)

Academic Aptitude Test (AAT) (Grade 12)
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The battery provides an indication of a learner’s general intellectual ability; verbal ability and spatial ability.

Age Range
Grade 12 Learners                                                                                   

7 hours (split over 1½ days)

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Academic Aptitude Test (AAT) (Grade 12)

R. Minnie, J.S. Gericke, F.W. Gericke, J.C. Chamberlain, B.P.A. Strauss & V.H. Paul

The aim of the AAT is to serve as an objective, reliable and valid aid in counselling learners with respect to choices of subject and/or occupation.

The AAT is a group test and consists of a battery of nine tests. The tests are: Non-verbal Reasoning (consisting of two parts, namely Figure Series and Pattern Completion); Verbal Reasoning; English Vocabulary; English Reading Comprehension; Number Comprehension; Afrikaanse Woordeskat; Afrikaanse Leesbegrip; Squares (2-D) and Spatial Perception (3-D).


Item analyses were done during September 1972 on 1 463 learners for seven language groups, namely, Northern Sotho, Southern Sotho, Tswana, Tsonga, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu. No general statistics were calculated.


Stanines were calculated during September 1973 on 1 298 black Grade 12 learners. All black languages were incorporated (898 male and 400 female learners).

Validation information

Correlations between examination marks and test scores were found.

Complete Set

The Complete Set includes: 1 Test Booklet, 1 Manual, 1 Scoring Stencil and 25 Answer Sheets.

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AAT (Grade 12) Complete Set
Item # 1146/V
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AAT (Grade 12) Manual (Only available in English)
Item # 1147
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AAT (Grade 12) Testbooklet (Eng & Afr)
Item # 1146
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AAT Answer Sheets (Pack of 25)
Item # 1674
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AAT (Grade 12) Scoring Stencil (Eng & Afr)
Item # 1758
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