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The South African Vocational Interest Inventory (SAVII)

The South African Vocational Interest Inventory (SAVII)
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Interest Questionnaire

Age Range:
Students Grade 8 - 12 and Adults

±30 minutes

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The South African Vocational Interest Inventory (SAVII)

R. du Toit

The purpose of the SAVII is to measure the occupational interests of all South African learners in Grades 8 to 12.
The questionnaire consists of 126 items, divided into six fields of 21 items each:

  • Practical Realistic (P)
  • Scientific Investigative (W)
  • Artistic (A)
  • Social Service (S)
  • Business and Management (B)
  • Clerical Administrative (K)

These fields correspond, respectively, to Holland’s six personality types. The items describe job-related activities, and the testee can respond with either “interested” or “not interested”.

The fact that the SAVII’s theoretical structure enables information about the individual to be linked directly to information about the world-of-work, makes it particularly well-suited for career guidance and career decision-making applications. Its integration with certain occupational dictionaries and computerized career guidance systems further widens the SAVII’s sphere of useful applications. 

Product Items

SAVII Test Booklet (Eng & Afr)
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SAVII Manual (Eng)
Item # 2638
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SAVII Manual (Afr)
Item # 2641
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SAVII Answer Sheets (Pack of 25)
Item # 2639
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