Interpersonal Behavior Survey (IBS)

Interpersonal Behavior Survey (IBS)
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Distinguishes between assertive and aggressive behaviours, identifying excesses and deficites in each

Age Range
Adolescents and adults

Self-report:  45 minutes                                   
Short Form:  30 minutes                                   
Screening Form:  10 minutes

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Interpersonal Behavior Survey (IBS)

P.A. Mauger, Ph.D., D.R. Adkinson, M.A., S.K. Zoss, Ph.D., G. Firestone, Ph.D.,& J.D. Hook, M.A.


The Interpersonal Behavior Survey (IBS) identifies interaction styles that may lead to conflict at home, on the job, or in school.

Used in individual and group therapy, assertiveness training, marriage and family counseling, and career guidance, the IBS measures various dimensions of assertive and aggressive behavior, identifying excesses and deficits in both.

Designed for adults and adolescents, the IBS is a self-report inventory composed of the following scales:

General Aggressiveness   Refusing Demands
Conflict Avoidance  Verbal Aggressiveness
Frankness  Self-Confidence
Hostile Stance  Denial
Dependency  Physical Aggressiveness
 Praise (Giving/Receiving)  Initiating Assertiveness
 Expression of Anger   Infrequency
 Shyness  Passive Aggressiveness
 Requesting Help   Defending Assertiveness
 Disregard for Rights  Impression Management
 General Assertiveness


The IBS can be administered to individuals or groups in just 45 minutes. For a quicker but still comprehensive assessment, you can use the Short Form IBS Auto-score Form. With just 133 items the Auto-score Form can be completed in about 30 minutes and scored quickly and easily. If you need no more than a brief screening device, you can administer only the first 38 items on the Short Form, which takes 10 minutes or less.

Written at a sixth-grade reading level, the inventory can be used with a broad range of people. The Manual provides sex-specific norms for a general sample and separate norms for African Americans, college students, and adolescents.

The IBS is commonly used in marriage and family counseling to identify interaction styles that may lead to conflict. In individual or group therapy, it can be used to help people distinguish assertive from aggressive behavior. The IBS serves as an excellent pre- and post-treatment measure because the items, written in the present tense, are highly sensitive to change occurring over the course of therapy. 

Product Items

IBS Kit: 5 Re-usable Administration Booklets; 50 Profile Forms; 50 Answer Sheets; 1 Set of Scoring Keys; 1 Manual; 25 AutoScore Forms for the Short Form IBS
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IBS Manual
Item # MPS03-W165E
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IBS Administration Booklet, Re-usable (Pack of 10)
Item # MPS03-W165A
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IBS Answer Sheet (Pad of 100)
Item # MPS03-W165C
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IBS Scoring Keys
Item # MPS03-W165D
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IBS Short Form AutoScore Form (Pack of 25)
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IBS Profile Form (Pad of 100)
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Wechsler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence - Fourth UK Edition                   (WPPSI-IV UK)


Key Features:

  • New working memory subtests
  • New processing speed measures
  • Expanded factor structure
  • Improved developmental appropriateness
  • More efficient test administration
  • Improved clinical utility
  • Updated and improved psychometric properties


wppsi iv .axd


Differential Aptitude Tests Form L (DAT-L) – Namibia 2013

Namibian Standardisation and Namibian Norms

The need for culture-specific psychometric tests has led to the Namibian Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare’s decision to standardise the DAT L for the Namibian context. Mindmuzik Media was requested to assist and in this comprehensive study:

  • A total of 8401 learners representative of all the regions and Grades were tested
  • Namibian norms for Grade 10-12 were established based on new time limits specifically determined for Namibia
  • Correlations between achievement in the most recent school examinations and the various DAT-L subtests were calculated

      dat l manual 3286 n cover  



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